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Founder Of Healed By The Light


Welcome! I’m Lynn Blos, a Usui and Angelic Reiki Master. As founder of Healed By The Light, I am dedicated to showing how Reiki is the key to lasting well-being and health. As an experienced Reiki practitioner, I am passionate about sharing the benefits of Reiki with you.

I’m a native of Northern California and currently reside in Belmont with my loving husband, three amazing children, and two dogs. Before devoting myself to Reiki, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and built a career in corporate banking, helping clients achieve their financial hopes and dreams.

Hoping to attain more balance in my own life, I discovered Reiki and absolutely fell in love with the practice. Through Reiki, I have gained a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose, and reiki still inspires me every day. My journey began in 2008, when I became a devoted Reiki Practitioner. A few years later, I received an Angel Therapy Practitioner certification and became a Certified Crystal Reader. In 2012, I achieved all three degrees of Reiki awareness to become a committed Reiki Usui Master Teacher & Angelic Reiki Master. I am a certified hypnotherapist, specializing in Quantum Hypnosis Healing. I also love volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and am excited to share our new program “Together We Heal”; a volunteer program for Reiki Practitioners certified by Healed by the Light to give Reiki to the families at The Ronald McDonald House.

I am extremely grateful to the Usui and Angelic Masters who introduced me to the gift of Reiki. My wish is to continue the Reiki tradition by introducing others to the pure bliss of giving and receiving Reiki. 

I’m looking forward to helping you begin your journey to a better, more balanced life.

– Lynn Blos, Holistic Healer and Founder of Healed By The Light

Healed By The Light