Reiki – An Holistic Approach to Health

To discuss any aspect of holistic health it is necessary to agree on what the term ‘holistic’ actually means.

For the purposes of this article I will be using the definition given at The Free Dictionary.

  • Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.
  • Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts

The Three Parts, or Bodies, of a Human Being

From the standpoint of Holistic Health or Holistic Healing the term holistic references to the three major parts of the human being. Most people will agree on the first two as they are routinely accepted as ‘fixable’ via conventional medicine, however the third is rarely considered the domain of any ‘medicine’, and you certainly do not go to the doctor to get it fixed, Egypt cured.

The three bodies:

    1. Physical : From the hair on your head to the inner workings of your DNA. This is the three dimensional structure that you use to move around on, and interact with other bees and things on this planet.


    1. Emotional : The emotional body contains your emotions, as the name suggests, but also all you thoughts, memories, dreams and aspirations.


  1. Spiritual : Your spiritual body is not only your soul, but also the true essence of what and who you are. It is your connection to everything else in the manifest and un-manifest universe. It is through your spirit body that you receive divine guidance.

Some traditions make a distinction between the mental and emotional parts of the emotional body but they have such a tight and interwoven effect on each other that it makes sense to consider them as a whole for the purposes of this article.

Reiki and the Three Bodies

Unless you are born with a genetic issue or the pregnancy was problematic, it is highly likely you were born completely balanced with regards to the three bodies. Your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies were well aligned and ‘in sync’. Life had not yet had a chance to knock things out of kilter and it is my belief that this is one reason why kids have invisible friends. Children have not started to loose alignment with their spiritual body so the connection and information flow is still strong. What are seen as gnomes, angels and small folk by the child could well be their guards and guides trying to make themselves known before it is too late. Sure enough, unless you are lucky, your mum and dad do their best to bring you up ‘properly’ and tell you that there are no such things as ‘small people’. This puts doubt in your mind and the spiritual body is knocked out of alignment just enough for the connection to weaken and your friend stops showing up.

The emotional body is affected in much the same way. Once a child becomes self aware and realizes that it can influence it’s world it discovers that it can not always get what it wants. Mum and dad stop being the all provision Gods of it’s existence and start to become figures of authority that have to be obeyed if you are to be ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy’. Emotions tied into these relationships can play havoc for years to come and once the emotional body is dislodged it can be a grave struggle to regain it’s balance.

The physical body needs little description here. From cuts and grazes to near fatal accidents, it is obvious to (almost) anyone how the physical body can get ‘out of whack’. The problem the medical profession has is that most medicine treats the symptoms rather than the cause. It is our own built in and often highly efficient healing ability that does most of the work. Masking the symptoms, or reducing their effect can give great assistance to natural healing, but they are not ‘cures’.

So where does the above lead us? Where does Reiki fit into this three body picture?

Well Reiki works on all three bodies at the same time. It gives ‘life energy’ or ‘healing energy’ to all three, often in sizable doses. This energy gives a much needed boost to the healing abilities of the human form. Reiki does not cure in and of itself, but what it does do is energize the natural abilities of the human form to heal itself. This is why Reiki is a complimentary therapy. Medicine helps greatly in easing the way towards self-healing buy cutting the effects of the disease or injury, and Reiki invigorates the healing process from the other direction.

Long Term Use of Reiki

Short term, Reiki can be, and is, used for specific ailments. Whether it be a newly torn ligament or a deeply rooted emotional issue, Reiki eases and helps speed up the healing process. Both physical and emotional body issues can be targeted directly in a planned therapy program that usually leads to improvement of the condition, if not outright disappearance of the problem. Reiki can only help fix something that one or another body is able to fix naturally. A slipped disk can not be ‘fixed’. The pain and discomfort can be greatly minimized, and with a good physiotherapy program, the sufferer may find painful episodes become a thing of the past, but the slipped disk will still be there because the body can not fix it itself.

Emotional trauma can be minimized to the point that the memory of what caused it no longer has any pain attached to it. Reiki can not erase the memory, nor should it, but removing the pain relieves the individual of the burden of the experience and they can then move on with their lives.

Spiritual healing coming from long term use of Reiki. This is a much more meaningful healing, and one that should take time. The energies used are so fine that they are barely detectable to most people nowdays and, for many, it is easy to poo-poo the idea purely because they can not feel anything happening. For long term use it is generally considered expedient to become attuned to Reiki and gain at least Second Degree Practitioner status. This gives the student the ability to heal on all three bodies, both for themselves and others. It is also a much cheaper way to approach spiritual healing as the costs involved in being attuned are vastly less than would be required to maintain the level of sessions needed to have the same effect as daily self healing.

Over time, and with enough self healing being given, your ties to your spiritual body will strengthen and open up again. Intuition will become a good friend to you and you will learn to trust it’s input far more. A sense of being connected to the world, or the universe, may develop and your attitude towards others and life in general may change. You may become vegetarian, you will almost certainly give up smoking (eventually) and the need for Saturday night binge drinking should disappear. A sense of calm, peace and assured confidence will replace the confused, insecure and frangible individual that you used to be. You will become whole, and that is exactly what Reiki is there to do, to allow you to become a whole person, balanced and connected at all levels. Once this is achieved, you can be and do whatever you set your heart on because you have regained all the natural resources you were born with, and were meant to retain through your life.

Final Words

Reiki balances and reconnects your three bodies. It heals on all levels, and, given enough time and practice, it can make you whole once again. Reiki is not ‘just’ for relaxation, it is for so much more. Unfortunately the term spiritual has a lot of ‘woo-woo’ associated with it in the public’s mind. This is a complete turn-off for many and so they never experience it’s benefits purely out of prejudice, and sometimes fear. This is a great shame because, for a few days training, and a little expenditure, we could all be whole again someday.

What a wonderful world that would be!


Source by Andrew J Cook

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