Reiki Attunements – What Are They?

What Exactly Is A “Reiki Attunement”?

A Reiki Attunement, in my opinion, is just a specialized form of “embodied prayer” – the direct feeling, experience, and knowing that Spirit / Source / God is with you, in you, and now beginning to more fully flow “as you “He said.

Is that a different definition than you may have heard before? Let me explain what I mean by “a Reiki Attunement is a form of embodied prayer”.

Have you ever said prayers or made resolutions and intentions, only to wonder whether “God” or “the Universe” has really heard you?

Have not all of us surprised that at some point – whether our prayers, thought energy, and intentions really mean anything – whether “God” is really listening, and whether we’re really connected to anything larger than ourselves?

A “Reiki Attunement” (in my definition) may be said to be a “calling down” of heavenly, high-vibration spiritual energy, so that this energy now becomes a permanent part of your own individual energy field – an “embodied experience” of light, love, healing, personal transformation, and the felt experience of increased spiritual connection.

It’s really a specifically asked-for spiritual feeling – a sensation of light and love and spiritual energy flow in the chakras, nadis, meridians, and “life flow” of your body.

Reiki Attunements are really “embodied prayer” – in other words, they are literally the experience and feeling of higher vibration spiritualizing enlightening energy entering and mixing with the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies.

Reiki Attunements are typically passed on from a master / teacher to a student for this very reason: They work best when there is an absolute belief and knowing that the spiritual energy is being called down and anchored. A Reiki Master can do this for a student because he / she has experience feeling and perceiving this energy, and can there before better “hold the energetic space” for the student.


Source by Michael Golzmane

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